September meetup

Thanks to everyone that came to the meet up yesterday. It was certainly good to see some new faces.

Topics ranged from security to what’s new and useful in WordPress 3.6. We also touched upon the future releases of WordPress 3.7 and 3.8 due out later this year.

WordPress 3.6 and the future

There is lots of great features introduced in 3.6, including the heartbeat API. A more thorough write is available on and one of the core trac tickets can be found here.

The new menus was certainly an area of discussion, as the old one was quicker to setup and the newer one is cleaner but hides some of the functionality on different pages. This lead in to the first of the surgery sessions on the use of WP menus in themes.


Security will be a focus for the version 3.7 of WordPress, so it was a good opportunity for running through securing a site. The codex has a great guide at: Hardening WordPress. We use a command line tool called wpscan for periodically checking client websites for known vulnerabilities.

As part of our job we keep an eye on for the latest issues and help any plugin developers in any way we can.

We are also developing a password security strength plugin, which will eventually be open sourced in conjunction with the client.


It’s always good to have a room full of talented developers, yesterday proved no different. Everyone was about to help resolved some issues with menus on a site.

There was a question relating to branding the WordPress administration system for clients. We tend to over this for clients as they prefer their own logo at the top of the admin system. I have cleaned up the code and open-sourced what we use. This can be found at: Have a look and let us know what you think and if you find it useful.

With the move to use plugins to test new features before moving them into the WordPress core, it’s a perfect opportunity to get involved improving the platform. One example of what is possible with the plugin is the MP6 plugin.


There was a question over the SEO possibilities in WordPress, we use the Yoast plugin at Dachis Group and haven’t encountered any problems. It also allows for all content to tailed or optimised.

The format, although relaxed, seemed to work well. So if you have anything you would like to talk about or discuss, please submit an idea on here, or via the polls on – I will start setting them up and asking people to vote on there.

I look forward to the next one.

Any comments or thoughts (and help) are welcome, just add them below.

August wp-hooked

Photos by Emily Webber

This month we looked at: Todd Halfpenny’s idea Improving Widget Admin Area and ways that as a group we might put forward suggestions to core, and Scott Cariss’ Custom Post Type Structuring, both now in the archive section. Updates from Todd and Scott on those soon.

We also discussed other wp-hooked related things:

Updates to the wp-hooked website

  • Add a section for developers to invite others to work on plugins / projects with each other, we’ll get onto this shortly.
  • General tweaks: there are a few bits of the site that aren’t quite where they could be, if anyone wants to get involved in updating it, let Emily or Ross know and we’ll get you access to the github project.

Managing the meetups

  • If anyone wants to get more involved in organising the surgery sessions or has ideas for other sessions under the wp-hooked banner let Emily know.

Ideas for future surgery sessions

  • To keep these monthly surgery meetups going, don’t forget to add ideas for sessions. They can be very specific or general conversation starters. You can submit ideas over here.

wp-hooked: the second meetup

Photos by Emily Webber

Thanks to everyone who journeyed to the Dachis Group offices in Shad thames for our second meetup (full list of attendees are over here: It’s already shaping up to be a great regular meetup which some great WordPress discussions.

We followed the same format as last time, where we picked the top 2 ideas as voted by the wp-hooked website members, which were introduced by the people who submitted them, then the group split into 2 so smaller groups could discuss them further. We then met up again to chat through our findings.

This month we had Paul Gibbs’ session on Rewrite rules, rewrite tags, and endpoints and Steve Taylor’s session on Integrating a GitHub plugin with the WP SVN repo. They are both planning some write up which they will share on the comments of the respective posts.

I look forward to seeing you all again next month :)


wp-hooked the first meetup

Photos by Emily Webber

Thanks to everyone that made it to the first meetup. It was fantastic to get such great WordPress heads together in a room.

The session started with some introductions round the table (the full list of attendees are on the meetup page locked to members of the meetup group), then Ken Snyder and Ross Tweedie took the floor to explain their issues, which were the top voted on this site for the session.

The group then split into two, one group discussing Ken’s issue Extending WP’s Data Model and the other Ross’ Find it difficult to see what is happening in plugins, everyone then regrouped to talk about findings and add to each others’ thoughts.

Ken and Ross are due to write up some notes so conversations on each topic can continue on the relevant ideas page.

We also had the chance to have a look at dxw‘s project Whippet, which I will ask them to write up about soon.